Beauty in the End

Last weekend I went for a wander along a forest trail on Mt Wellington. It was cold but sunny, and birds like new holland honeyeaters were out and about, flitting between correas and eucalypts. I came across this log that was lying out on the path a little and it was covered in feathers.

Many feathers on a decaying log

Looking at the feathers closely I could see traces of yellow, which means at my best not-very-well-educated guess it was a new holland honeyeater that had been gobbled by a predator the night before.

Close up of feathers on a decaying log

At first I felt I could have passed it by as a flurry of feathers, but looking closer I saw that it was really very beautiful. The delicate downy feathers of the bird caught the morning dew and in this shady spot, held it until late morning.

Solitary feather on a decaying log

It was lovely to see the many layers of debris and decay. Little liverworts were growing in the cool shade of the decaying log and the moisture had captured and covered feathers.

Dew covered feather on moss

It was a peaceful spot to enjoy a meal. Perhaps on another day I would have picked the same log have my lunch.